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Written by xScion
on June 24, 2020


7,000,000 Members Will Be Served By The New Platform


A large financial institution was modernizing its banking platforms to meet the digital demands of today’s customer. The bank decided to optimize the tools and platforms that serve its members by upgrading technology and creating a more customer-centric experience. To ensure a seamless rollout, xScion helped the client evaluate current and future processes through digital Business Process Reengineering (BPR) techniques for a smooth migration of then current systems to new, upgraded platforms.


The Challenge

Prior to developing a comprehensive digital banking platform, the client recognized a need to evaluate current and proposed process changes to find possible bottlenecks and issues, discover redundancies and look for areas of improvement and efficiency. Process changes needed to be aligned with development requirements of the new banking platform while collaboration between the client and external vendor teams was necessary to deliver and implement process changes.


The Change

xScion’s BPR methodology was employed to define the desired future state through development of guiding principles, evaluation of the Unified Business Processes, the assessment of the impact to applications and data and impact of the transition from non-digital to automated processes. The approach focused on prioritizing business needs, creating delivery plans, conducting joint application development sessions, developing business models and validating BPR results.

Application fitness tests were developed to assess how well applications fit current and emerging business needs and technical requirements. The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and Zachman principles with Business Process Modeling Notations (BPMN) to address process architecture and modeling were used as part of xScion’s BPR methodology.


The Value

The client is now equipped with a BPR strategy that can be used to analyze process changes as the modern digital banking platform is fully developed and rolled out, all with the bank’s 7 million members in mind. The new digital banking processes were designed to provide a seamless migration to the new digital technology platforms that are being built.

xScion leveraged Digital BPR best practices to align the client’s business goals with the future technology implementation. This approach focused on “repeatable, iterative and measurable” steps with a mission to streamline overall processes. The BPR driven process changes provided single process flows, ease of identifying other impacted business areas and applications, and a reduction in resource requirements.


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