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Written by xScion
on June 24, 2020


Migration of Large Volumes of Transactional Data in a Cloud-hosted Data Lake from a Traditional Data Warehouse


The client, which funds more mortgages than any other company in the U.S. and ensures that homeowners and renters have access to affordable financing options, was seeking a way to leverage Cloud technology for their data. They aimed to lower hosting costs, improve speed and computational power and deliver robust analytics to internal customers. xScion set up a data environment, migrated applications that manage transactional systems to the new environment and provided around the clock support for the new production system.


The Challenge

The client sought to improve its enterprise data platform to reduce costs and expand analytic capabilities by leveraging the framework and Cloud storage. Maintenance of the existing data warehouse for transactional data with a separate analysis platform was costly and the analytic capabilities were limited.


The Change

A Big Data environment was set up to store and complete analysis testing, and a production environment was taken live that ingested different data sets for applications and migrated various applications to a test production environment. Production clusters were built based on requirements from the client’s use cases.


The Value

xScion developed a migration plan that was focused on risk-mitigation, security and knowledge transfer to customer teams on how to set up and migrate large volumes of data into a data environment, expand analytic capabilities and streamline processes to support the environments 24/7 as new applications are built. Moving from the existing data warehouse to a Cloud-based environment exponentially improved analytics performance and substantially reduced costs.


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