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Written by xScion
on June 24, 2020


Improved Data Governance Capabilities


A large healthcare non-profit sought a way to better utilize its data to improve patient lives. Having access to diverse sets of data would allow the client to make timely decisions, improve procedure acceptance practices and potentially increase the number of patients impacted. xScion leveraged its Agile Data Maturity Model (ADMM) to assess the client’s data gaps and provide an executable strategy for improving several data capabilities, including Data Governance.


The Challenge

Lacking a formal Data Governance program, the client was unable to fully trust their data. Across their systems and business units there were multiple data versions, siloed data management and inconsistent standards and knowledge sharing. The client needed to create a business case to build the internal support needed to drive the technology, culture and team changes required for governance success.


The Assessment

xScion used the ADMM to assess the client’s current data operations and identify gaps in current capabilities. The assessment findings were used to establish roles and accountability for management of data assets, develop a mitigation plan to address data operation gaps and develop a business case for investing in Data Governance technology. xScion worked with the client to assess and benchmark various Data Governance tools based on cost, benefit and overall value.


The Roadmap and Results

xScion helped the client fully understand their current challenges, the value of investing in a governance program, and most importantly, the business risks of inaction. A Council of Data Owners and Stewards was created to establish standards and ensure consistency across business units. To track existing data, where it is housed and how it should move between business units and systems, a Data Architecture Group was created.

With an organizational data infrastructure in place, the client had a clear strategy to improve data capabilities and a remediation plan that addressed operational gaps. A business case was developed that demonstrated the value of a Data Governance technology investment and xScion worked with the client to evaluate various technology products and their alignment with the client’s needs.


More About Data Transformation at xScion

Every organization has its own unique data journey with a different starting point and operational gaps, yet each has a similar end goal of becoming data driven. We help organizations leverage data to generate internal and external value and for improved decision making.


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