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Written by xScion
on June 30, 2020


IT and Business Functions Shift Focus to Value Streams from a Project Mindset


A global pharmaceutical non-profit sought to improve overall efficiency by automating processes and implementing Business Process Management Software (BPMS). The customer faced challenges identifying the right process, best practices and competencies to achieve the business outcomes aligned to automation.

The Challenge

To optimally leverage their investment in new technology, the client realized a paradigm shift was required in the way various organizational leaders and decision makers thought about enterprise software development. They traditionally operated with multiple silos that they wanted to break down in order to identify a common ground for the BPMS implementation. xScion helped them shift to a modern Agile Product Management approach to break down barriers between business and IT functions and help maximize their new technology.


The Change

xScion’s Agile Coaches and Product Managers used their “learning by doing” Dojo approach to work with the client’s teams to implement Agile frameworks and guide product development in an innovative, customer-centric manner. They brought an outside-in, customer-focused perspective to help the client perform optimally through decentralized decision making, innovation, continuous delivery and iterative feedback/learning loops.

xScion carried out regular Agile awareness and coaching sessions with stakeholders spanning across functions. Visioning workshops were used to create a product vision consistent with the client’s strategic vision, mission, core values and key business drivers. The product vision was widely communicated across teams to socialize its key tenets.

A detailed Problem Space Assessment was conducted to analyze the two core operational value streams to be automated and leverage user personas, journey maps and the business architecture to create an initial product backlog framework. Program epic and key features were written and a minimum viable product (MVP) was defined with a clear benefit hypothesis.


The Solution

Working with the client, xScion identified key problem areas and leveraged a mix of industry tested frameworks such as Design Thinking, SAFe, Scrum and Lean Product Development to develop and implement processes that best fit the unique culture of the customer. A starting point was established through education of the customer’s teams that created champions within the organization and a shared vision for Agile and Product Management. An easy to socialize transformation road map was implemented for the client’s multi-million-dollar BPMS implementation that allowed business, IT and scientific stakeholders to take the necessary steps to create a BPMS product vision, Product Management Lifecycle and Agile delivery methods.

Agile Product Management processes and culture were developed that brought IT and business functions together with a new focus on value streams rather than projects. The client’s immediate change objectives were met and they were positioned well going forward for future challenges.


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