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Written by xScion
on March 15, 2022

Developed Roadmap to Accelerate Modernization Efforts While Meeting Increasing User Demand

A large, regional financial institution devoted to promoting economic growth and fostering a sound financial system maintains one of the most comprehensive, public-facing economic websites. The client promotes, maintains and disseminates economic research and data used by a rapidly growing number of economists, policymakers, teachers, students and regulators.


The Challenge

The client needed to meet the competing demands of operating their current system to support increasing usage versus the need to transform and modernize to meet future customer volume. The client started modernizing the website, which included leveraging a new Cloud-native architecture with modern architecture patterns, technologies and processes available in AWS while also addressing their current architecture limitations, pain points and inefficiencies.

To ensure the modernization’s success, xScion performed an in-depth Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) to assess legacy systems, identify current gaps and opportunities, evaluate modernization plans and develop a roadmap based on industry best practices.


The Change

xScion’s Data, Security and Cloud experts used an Agile IV&V approach and leveraged both the Open Group Architecture Framework and the AWS Well-Architected Frameworks to perform a detailed analysis of the challenges.

Emphasizing five critical areas identified by the client, xScion recommended changes to the application development process, the data environment, the underlying infrastructure and other support systems such as authentication, disaster recovery, business continuity, security and operational excellence.


The Value

xScion determined that the client is moving in the right direction and should continue to resource their modernization efforts appropriately to balance the competing demands of supporting production activity versus modernization efforts. Strengths and weaknesses of current processes were identified, and a roadmap was recommended that continues the Cloud transformation progress and prioritizes the client’s goals while effectively meeting current customer demands.

Successfully migrating to Cloud-native services will bring the client’s systems to the current state of the art and address many performance degradation issues. The transformation positions the client to smoothly scale to meet increasing content volume and customer demand and improves their ability to meet their mission of effectively maintaining and disseminating economic research and data.

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