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Written by xScion
on June 23, 2020

Agile Adoption Maturity Model Provides Detailed Roadmap for Growth

One of the largest financial institutions in the nation sought a way to optimize the delivery of services provided to internal customers. xScion helped the client assess its current Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) practices and develop a detailed roadmap to enhance culture, processes and tools for future growth.

The Challenge

The client, a financial organization that creates and provides technology services to its member banks, sought a way to optimize the development and delivery of technology within its current Agile framework. Overall, the client wanted to accelerate product lifecycle velocity, increase product adoption and improve product team performance through:

  • Review of the product infrastructure
  • Improvement of overall product team effectiveness
  • Assessment of the value stream associated with Agile delivery of products
  • Recommendations to solve bottlenecks in delivery lifecycle
The Assessment

xScion’s Agile Adoption Maturity Model (AAMM) was used to assess the client’s current Agile framework and identify bottlenecks and opportunity areas. A detailed review of its product management organization, practices, tools and resources included evaluating:

  • Consistency of Agile and PLM methods usage
  • Product lifecycle processes using past and current product delivery data
  • Product impact
  • Product team indicators and metrics
  • Industry comparison

The AAMM was also leveraged to conduct appropriate training for stakeholders using xScion’s Dojo “learning by doing” approach.


The Roadmap and Results

A detailed maturity roadmap outlining short-term and long-term strategic and tactical recommendations was created with 30, 60, 90, 120 day and End-of-Year milestones and related objectives to:

  • Improve visibility, program health and increase performance
  • Optimize customer engagement
  • Enhance stakeholder management
  • Implement best practices
  • Continue cultural transformation
  • Provide training in identified areas
  • Establish Lean Program Management

xScion’s assessment using the AAMM and resulting recommendations and roadmap positioned the client for immediate quick wins, short-term gains and an overall deep-rooted transformation. The client was able to identify and act on opportunities to improve their existing Agile framework and enhance the development, delivery and adoption of new technology and to accelerate the product lifecycle.


More about Agile Product Lifecycle Management at xScion

We understand the tactical and strategic challenges organizations face during Agile Transformations. Whether your organization is a seasoned Agile shop or just beginning, we can help you identify areas for improvement to accelerate your Agile success and ensure you are getting the maximum return on investment.


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