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Written by xScion
on June 30, 2020


Developed Data Management and Governance Processes to Prepare Existing Data for New Automation Tools


A global nonprofit dedicated to improving public health needed to migrate data from numerous, disparate information systems to a new data repository as part of an implementation of Business Process Management System (BPMS) automation software. xScion helped establish data management and governance processes critical to establishing a robust data foundation.

The Challenge

As part of an implementation of Business Process Management System (BPMS) automation software, the client needed to migrate data from disparate business information systems to a new BPMS data repository.

xScion helped develop a robust data management and conversion strategy while simultaneously creating data management and data governance processes critical for establishing a BPMS data foundation.


The Change

xScion worked with the client to assess, document, analyze and interpret existing data and establish critical definitions, systems of records and relationships. Critical success factors were identified to guide the Agile management and migration of the data.

xScion worked with client to:

  • Assess the existing database architecture and design of the key systems to be retired
  • Analyze the key data entities, attributes, systems of records and existing relationships
  • Document the current state to help plan and design a data conversion and migration strategy for the new BPMS Data Repository
  • Identify opportunities to enhance Data Governance and Data Management processes to ensure a strong data foundation for business process management
  • Prioritize and implement Data Management and Data Governance best practices for the BPMS Data Repository and related data architecture and migration/conversion activities


The Value

xScion developed standards, naming conventions and documented data conversion rules to migrate data from more than ten existing disparate information systems, which led to the creation of a single robust data foundation for the new BPMS. A data architecture roadmap was laid out and a logical data model was designed using the BPMS software toolset.

xScion worked with client’s teams to establish Agile data management and governance processes and to procure and implement data modeling, management, quality and governance tools to ensure long-term success.




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