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Written by xScion
on June 30, 2020


Preparing a Roadmap for a Successful Data Migration


A global nonprofit dedicated to improving public health needed to migrate data from numerous, separate existing information systems to a new data repository as part of an implementation of BPMS automation software. xScion worked with the client’s teams to assess the current data architecture and charted a roadmap for a successful data migration.

The Challenge

The client sought to prepare for a BPMS implementation by thoroughly analyzing, reviewing and assessing their existing data architecture and data management practices. Without adequate preparation, the implementation could run into major delays owing to lack of clarity on the current state of the enterprise data and the governance and management processes involved.


The Approach

xScion leveraged its data architecture competencies to assess the multiple business systems involved in the BPMS implementation to understand the current data environment. Through a series of working sessions with key business and IT stakeholders as well as focused interviews, xScion helped:

  •  Create conceptual data models to understand existing data relationships, flows and architecture
  • Profile a subset of data for the key systems in scope
  • Document the as-is data management and governance processes


The Solution

xScion’s data architects, working with key business and IT stakeholders, charted a roadmap for a successful BPMS data repository migration. The team assessed the existing data architecture and identified potential risks and potential process improvements. They also identified potential mitigation approaches, enterprise level tools and support practices for the BPMS implementation.

Key recommendations were provided for creating a robust data management and governance framework, target data models and integrative views of data. The assessment, roadmap and recommendations led to a clear understanding of the organization’s existing data and created a blueprint for the client to optimally leverage its investment in the new BPMS.  


More About Data Services at xScion

Major software implementations require thorough analysis, review and assessment of an enterprise’s existing data architecture. We can help you understand your existing data environment and the steps needed to optimize your data for any new software implementation.


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