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Written by xScion
on June 23, 2020


Reduced Customer Service Calls by 500% and Overall Business Costs by 25%


A healthcare claims processor for federal employees wanted to make services easier for its members to consume through optimization of desktop, mobile and web services. A digital member experience was designed to help members understand and use their benefits and get their health needs met in an easy-to-understand platform.


The Challenge

The client wanted to create an improved member digital experience that would help members understand their benefits, use them more effectively and improve their overall health. The challenge was to create and execute a full-scale program while also improving development time and testing using quicker, more effective methodologies.


The Change

xScion supported the design and build of an IBM Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable real-time integration of legacy batch-based systems. The design provided a HUB for all system-to-system integration.

End-to-end testing was implemented and executed which included developing a testing strategy, Scrum and Sprint testing, partner integration, User Acceptance testing and Performance testing.

The client transitioned from Waterfall to Agile to improve development and testing. End-to-end program management, issue/risk resolution, change management, release management and post-production monitoring were used to ensure delivery success.


The Value

With xScion’s support, the client successfully launched the member-centric, real-time integrated portal and mobile application after a multi-year development and business transformation process. The user-friendly platform was embraced by members and had a substantial impact:

  • Member satisfaction using online tools increased more than 40%
  • Member calls to Customer Service reduced by more than 500%
  • Members taking proactive care of their health increased by 100%
  • Overall business costs reduced by 25%


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