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Written by xScion
on June 24, 2020


System Refreshed with 60,000 Claims Daily

10,000 Per Week OPL Claims

2,000 Per Day Salesforce CRM Inquiries


The client, a large Blue Cross Blue Shield plan with more than three million members, wanted to leverage their data resources to solve other party liability (OPL), duplicate claims and storage issues by enhancing their analytics capabilities. xScion successfully led the way by developing a data strategy, designing the architecture and managing the data ingesting and analytics.


The Challenge

The client needed to better understand their claims data to reduce liability, fraud and overpayment through a data analytics platform. To do this, the client was challenged to mitigate the complexities of OPL, reduce duplicate claims and improve reporting. They also sought to reduce data hosting costs and develop analytical tools to leverage their data more powerfully.


The Approach

xScion created and implemented a strategy that leverages data tools to improve claims processing and utilizes managed Cloud services to host large quantities of data. An architecture and data environment were developed that include a Hadoop data lake and Cloud infrastructure, daily ingestion of claims data and business intelligence analytics tools.


The Solution

data analytics platform was successfully launched that achieves business goals, reduces costs and dependencies on expensive hardware and identifies patterns of fraud and claims system errors. xScion helped the client expand the platform’s impact and deepen business intelligence by developing proprietary analytics tools that:

  • Integrated with the client’s claim bridge system
  • Migrated all primary reporting to the platform

Data hosted in the new data lake handles 60,000 daily claims, 10,000 weekly OPL claims and 2,000 daily Salesforce/CRM inquiries.


More About Data Services at xScion

The volume of data available to companies is increasing exponentially. Technology exists that allows companies to harness the power and value of their data so they can better serve customers and gain competitive advantages. We can help you develop data strategies, deploy them across your organization and use them to continuously evolve as technology changes to gain deeper insights and solve your unique challenges.


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